Meet our new Brand Ambassador ~ Photography by Sandra!

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sandra is a leading newborn photographer and a Brand Ambassador for Wood and Lace!

Wood and Lace Brand Ambassadors partner with us to help us road test and photograph new products before they are up for grabs in the store!





Sandra's "Story"

I believe art and vision is embedded in someones heart and soul..

Becoming a "photographer" was a given for me from when I was a little girl.. I was the one carrying around the little disposable camera and making sure I capture all the interesting moments that happened in my life. When going through High School, (being from an ethnic background) the arts isn't looked at as something that will have a lasting career in or bring in the supposed dough that a "doctor" would! So like an obedient daughter I choose 3 unit Modern History and crushed the dreams of becoming a photographer when I was 16 years old. I then went on to be a high school teacher for the next 9 years, teaching social science and worked hard to be the best teacher I could be, even though my heart was never in it. I loved working with children, but despised all the other extra work that came with the job title. So it wasn't until I became a mother in 2006 and then again in 2009 that the love and passion began to grow and started to capture and document my children's daily lives..

I then realised that this is my calling and took a huge risk in my life and quit my permanent Full-Time government position and pursue the passion that I knew would succeed! I have never looked back and I have worked my utmost best to not only be a photographer but to be the best in my genre/style of photography. Working with newborns requires a lot of patience, persistence, and courage, qualities I believe that have helped me in my previous life experiences as a teacher and as a mother which is my biggest advantage.

I have won several State awards, and have had my work shared on many social media platforms with many videos becoming viral in the virtual world and also showcasing my skills to other potential newborn photographers while conducting Newborn posing workshops domestically and internationally in countries such as Netherlands. Turkey, Bahrain, and India.. Just recently being part of one of the biggest South American family and newborn photography Congress “Click Family” 

I am extremely proud of what I have built for myself and have worked so hard to gain a fantastic reputation on a local and global scale.

Reach for the Stars!



Meet Sandra


Describe your style in one sentence...

My style is timeless with a Sandra twist! Keeping it simple!

You're a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

I’m a blue lover all shades of it!

What do you look for in a photography prop?

I look for versatility, one I can use in every session and want my clients to ask for.. definitely size, shape and simplicity of the prop! Love my wood props so would have to be wooden!

What's your favourite lens?

Favourite lens for my newborns is definitely my 50mm 1.4 sigma art, I love how it’s comprises my images to perfection and the images are alWays super sharp!

What is your #1 tip for photographers?

My No 1 tip is the 3 P's:

Persistence, Patience & Practice!



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