Meet our new Brand Ambassador ~ Anja McDonald!

Anja is a leading newborn photographer and a Brand Ambassador for Wood and Lace!  Anja grew up in Scandinavia and design and art has always been a huge part of her life. She studied photography and fine art and also has a degree in finance which today she puts to good use in her workshops and mentoring programs for photographers. She lives in Western Australia and specialises in maternity, newborn and family photography.

Wood and Lace Brand Ambassadors partner with us to help us road test and photograph new products before they are up for grabs in the store!

Meet Anja...

Describe your style in one sentence 

My style is simple and timeless. I like to use props to really bring focus to my subjects, so styling is key for me. I has to be harmonious and not distracting


What do you look for in a photography prop?

I look for versatility in a prop. I look for high quality as well which is why Im an ambassador for Wood and Lace!

What's your favourite lens?

My favourite lens for all my newborn and studio work is my canon 24-70mm and also my canon 100mm macro. Most of my outdoor work is shot with a canon 200mm

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