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This week we are featuring the amazing Danielle from Danielle Nigido Photography as our Photographer Behind the Lens!

How did your photography career begin? What do you love most about photography?

My interest in photography started many years ago when I had my first daughter. I loved taking photos of her and her father together. I knew that these photos would be treasured for many years, especially after we lost him in a tragic car accident when she was only 3.5 years old. It is only once you have lost someone very close to you, do you really appreciate the importance and value of these photos and memories.

When I’m in the studio taking family photographs, whether it is mum with baby, dad with baby, it makes me reflect on how wonderful it is to be part of this experience of creating beautiful memories for each family.

About 5 years ago I decided it was time for me to start pursuing my passion in photography. I began by taking a Photography course where I learnt how to use my camera out of Auto mode, and use it with control. I then undertook a Photoshop class where I learnt how to utilise all the functions of Photoshop. I initially had a basic knowledge of Photoshop; however by completing the course it brought me to another level and helped to develop my skills. I then applied to undertake a Newborn workshop. Without much reservation I decided to learn from the best, my idle Erin Elizabeth, who also specialises in Newborn and Maternity Photography. I was so amazed at how much I learnt from her, she was such an open book in sharing her knowledge.

Other workshops I have attended include Elise Gow and Luisa Dunn. They both specialised in Newborn photography. They both inspired me with their creative personality and business knowledge. I can’t speak highly enough of them and their professionalism to help other succeed. Elise Gow is still today a huge support and guidance to me with my work and personal confidence.

 How would you describe your style?

My style of photography can be described as Classic, Clean and purely Organic. This focuses solely on the baby and its beautiful features. The props that are used simply create a scene  or theme for the photo.


 What is your favourite image and why?

This image is my favourite as I love its simplicity. It is perfect in every way. This photo was taken about 1 year ago. The baby girl was 10 days new. She was a perfect model. This photo was shot using the bean bag and posed baby in the back lying position. The baby was encased in a soft wrap to create the natural newborn curl.

What can we find in your photography bag?

A Canon 5D MIII, Canon 24 – 70MM, F/2.8LII USM, Canon EF 100MM F/2.8 IS USM Macro. 

I love the 100MM Macro for its close up detailed shots of all the little beautiful features of each baby. 

What's inside your editing tool box?

It took a while for me to get my editing process established. By attending various workshops, meeting and learning from different photographers, it helped to establish my post editing process. For me the most effective editing tool I use is portraiture, a skin smoothing action.

What has contributed most to your development as a photographer?

I have found that doing a lot of unpaid sessions for the purpose of practising was most essential, alongside with workshops to better understand how to perform certain techniques and most importantly to learn about baby safety. In order to develop your photography it requires a lot of dedication, study, practice and experimentation. This helped me to develop a more effective workflow in the studio. Obtaining feedback from my photography groups and mentors also helps me to review my work and look at ways of developing it further. 

I found most of my growth happened when I started to have more confidence in my work and push myself through each session. I started to focus more on 2 aspects / techniques which I wanted to perfect. I gradually worked through different techniques until I started to feel more confident and content with the outcomes. This dramatically helped me to develop a more flowing and smoother workflow. I feel that I am still learning through every session that I undertake. I believe that I will never stop learning as a photographer, whose primary objective is to create & capture beautiful, pure images of babies and their families.

What would be your number 1 tip to give to new photographers?

As a new photographer I recommend that one spends a lot of time studying, images, videos of newborn photographers you love. Developing a mentor folder, attending workshops. It is important to study videos, images of various artists so that you can develop your own portfolio and grow your own style. If you want to be reach your goal, you can achieve this by studying and working hard, rewards will follow. Wishing you all the best on your journey know matter what level you are at. Love what you do.

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Sending out a BIG thank you to Danielle for featuring on our Blog!

With love ~ Wood & Lace xx

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