This new UBER versatile Tie-back headband will be your new go-to accessory!

Our BOHO Twist tie-back is made with the softest (Hand-picked and on trend) knit fabric and can be worn 5 different ways! This headband can be worn over your ears to keep you warm on those chilly winter days, or you can keep it behind your ears.

The band itself is a little stretchy and it always has stretch ties for ultimate comfort and all day wear!

Wear instructions:

Stays on best if worn a little over hairline!

Twisted: Twist in the middle, place in front of your hairline, tie in the back, then adjust the sides wider so the twist in the front is more prominent looking.

Knotted: Tie a knot in the middle before placing on your head and follow steps above!

Regular Skinny: Place near your front hairline, tie in the back, then push both front and back sides inwards for a good scrunched look. 

Regular WIDE: Place in front of your hairline, tie in the back.

DOUBLE TWISTED: Twist twice in the middle and follow steps for "TWISTED" style! This will give you a thinner band to work with.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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