Photographer Behind the Lens {Natalie Houlding Photography}

This week we are featuring the amazing Natalie Houlding Photography as our Photographer Behind the Lens!

Share a little about you...

As well as being a photographer, I'm also a full time mum to my two beautiful girls, Ocean and Amarine. I grew up in Israel and moved to England when I met my husband, Terry. We all moved to Queensland, Australia in 2013 and haven’t I looked back.

How did your photography career begin?

I had an early interest in photography, and study it in Art school in Israel. My husband brought my first professional camera for Christmas one year where I enjoyed exploring and imaging the world around me. My career started when I agreed to take additional photos at one of my friend’s wedding and I was told the photos I took were on a par with the official photographer who was one of the UK’s top wedding photographers. I self-taught myself everything, often spending hours in front of the computer learning Photoshop and building up a website and a reputation to be where I am today.

Wood Lace Photography Props Photographer Behind the Lens Blog Natalie Houlding

What do you love most about photography?

I love being able to create my own images, I also I love being able to capture the right moment. Some shoots you can have so many things going right, the best light, the happiest clients, easy to work with kids and you have to sift through all these images to find the best. The truly rewarding moments though are when things aren’t going your way and yet you still get great images from these situations.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve never been able to settle on a ‘style’. Often I’ve thought that I should, but I love having an ecletic palette to choose from so much so that I prefer to remain multi-styled.

Wood Lace Photography Props Photographer Behind the Lens Blog Natalie Houlding

Share with us your all-time favourite image, and why?

My all time favourite image just keep changing every month, I just love too many!

Share a sneak peek inside your camera bag! What is your favourite lens and why?

My favourite lens is my Nikon 1.4D 50mm. I got it from Ebay years ago for £50 with a slight crack on it, but its only cosmetic and gives a bit of character to what is truly an astounding lens. I upgraded to a newer model at one point, but despite the newer technology and increased speed, I still prefer my old lens.

Share a sneak peek inside your studio...

Wood Lace Photography Props Photographer Behind the Lens Blog Natalie Houlding

What’s inside your editing toolbox? What post processing tools do you love the most?

My favourite tool is the healing brush. I’ve also created my own set of Photoshop actions which I use on a regular basis to dramatically improve my workflow.

For a bit of fun…. share an image from your first paid session and from your most recent session! What has contributed most to your development as a photographer?

 This is Charlie, he was my fist Newborn session ever, his parents paid me £50 for it, and I was so excited lol.

Wood Lace Photography Props Photographer Behind the Lens Blog Natalie Houlding

This one is Gal who was one of my newborns at my latest workshop in Israel 2 weeks ago.

Wood Lace Photography Props Photographer Behind the Lens Blog Natalie Houlding

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I suppose that has combined with a drive to constantly improve myself. Im always inspired by other photographers and this helped drive my own development. Theres been a lot of hard work to do this, watching tutorials late into the night, practising my editing skills, brainstorming concepts and trying new things, but I believe this has paid off where Im now at the level where I am in a position (and have) taught my own photography workshops.

What would be your #1 tip that you would give to new photographers?

Don’t try and emulate other photographers around you, ie the competition in your area. Be inspired by the best photographers, in your country, and around the world. Aim for the stars as they say!

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 Sending out a BIG thank you to Natalie for featuring on our Blog!

With love ~ Wood & Lace xx

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