Photographer Behind the Lens ~ Ashley Lynn {A. Lynn Photography}

This week we are featuring Ashley Lynn from A. Lynn Photography as our Photographer Behind the Lens!

Share a little about you...

I am a mother to 3 boys and one girl. I have lived in Parma for most of my life. I love shopping but have no room for all of my stuff lol

How did your photography career begin? 

When my 3rd son was about 6 months old I got myself a "real" camera and started taking photos of my own kids for fun. I read somewhere that to be good at taking photos of people that you should start with flowers, so I did 

What do you love most about photography? 

I love freezing time. You will never get that time back. I really enjoy looking back at my childrens photos when they were younger and remembering how small and innocent they were.

How would you describe your style? 

Neutral-ish with a pop of color here and there.

Share with us your all-time favourite image, and why? 

I don't think I could pick just one. Every time I have a newborn session I fall in love with another photo.

Share a sneak peek inside your camera bag! What is your favourite lens and why? 

My favorite lens right now would be the Sigma 35mm Art lens. It's pretty much fixed on my camera for studio sessions.


What’s inside your editing toolbox? What post processing tools do you love the most? 

I like GTG brushes. They help speed up the editing process a little bit. Oh and I could not live with out portraiture 

For a bit of fun…. share an image from your first paid session and from your most recent session! What has contributed most to your development as a photographer? 

Lots of practice, learning and 1:1 workshops 

What would be your #1 tip that you would give to new photographers?

Keep learning. Even if you think you know what you are doing there is always SO much you can learn.

To see more of Ashley's amazing work, visit: 



Sending out a BIG thank you to Ashley for featuring on our Blog!

With love ~ Wood & Lace xx

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